Identification of Natural Silk Rugs vs Viscose Rayon Silk Rugs

Do you know how to Differentiate Genuine Natural Silk Rug from Viscose Rayon Silk Rug?

by Rassin R. | January 5, 2019 |


The most important way to identify natural silk rug fibers from viscose rayon silk rug fibers is the rug burn test. If you need to know if your rug is genuine silk, please visit Behnam Rugs, Dallas, Texas. Behnam Rugs will help you with your silk rug testing. Gently remove a fiber from the back of the rug, then lit it up. If the fiber is natural silk it will burn slowly with a faint glow. Observe as the burning fibers will curl into a ball with a similar smell of burning human hair.  Once you touch the ash residue, they break into powder. Real ash is powdery and dry. Once you remove the flame from the silk fiber, it stops burning.


In comparison, viscose rayon silk rugs fibers will burn with a smell like burning paper. The soft ashes will drip and form residue (not considered ash). It also produces black smoke. Viscose Rayon Silk fiber will continue burning even after flame has been removed. Man-made silk rugs are extremely flammable.

To the untrained eye natural silk and viscose rayon silk are very similar. Viscose is shiny and soft as natural silk. Natural silk is usually priced ten times higher than artificial silk. A soft and waxy feeling is a unique characteristic of real silk rug products.

Handmade natural silk rugs have an uneven woven pattern compare to machine made viscose rayon rugs; although both have a perfect look to the untrained eye.

Real silk rugs do not show fold line because the silk fiber has flexibility. Yet viscose rayon silk rugs show fold an cannot be fixed.


At Behnam Rugs, we specialize in hand washing natural silk rugs delicately.  We dry the natural handmade Persian silk rug and groom it to bring out its original characteristics. We use special organic shampoo.

BehnamRugs services are: Selling handmade Persian rugs, hand wash viscose rayon rugs;clean fine rugs & antique rugs;  rug restoration…

  • Hand wash viscose rayon rugs
  • Rug Binding
  • Color Matching
  • Color Run Restoration
  • Fringe Recoloring
  • Fringe Repair
  • Fringe Trimming
  • Fringe Whitening
  • Glue Back Removal
  • Grooming
  • Leather Back Binding
  • Low Pile Restoration
  • Overcasting

If you have any questions please visit us at Behnam Rugs in Dallas, or simply give us a call at (972) 733-0400.

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